All systems go yet again at the Community Orchard...

It was all systems go yet again at the Community Orchard for the working parties over the second weekend in March when there was a great turnout for the two working parties to renovate the orchard.

29 of the weaker fruit trees at the orchard were re-planted with the help of a digger, nutrients added to enrich the poor soil, several tons of compost were spread round them and a good watering applied. Lots of cake was eaten too! All the trees were mulched with compost, had nutrients added and subsequently have had several tonnes of woodchip placed round them.

Annual meadow seed is being sowed on the bare areas round the trees and we'll be poised to water the replanted trees in if and when the current monsoon season comes to an end! Hopefully we'll now see the replanted trees recover. In addition 8 cherry trees have been planted round the benches - and lots more bulbs in the periphery.

WFEG veteran Dave Murcott led a splendid fruit tree grafting workshop on 25th March with lots of folk keen to graft old and new varieties for their gardens and orchards. Amongst other varieties several Whittington Hero's were grafted for planting elsewhere.