Our Mission

The parishes of Whittington and Fisherwick, in South Staffordshire, are aiming to become one of the first low carbon communities in the United Kingdom.

By acting as a real community we can learn from each other, help one another and create a real sense of momentum and local pride.

Climate change is poised to become the biggest disaster in human history - wiping out huge swathes of the planet's biodiversity, while bringing misery to millions of people. Scientists predict that temperatures could rise by over 4 degrees by the end of the century. Such global warming is a huge threat to the future of the earth, humankind and the other species with which we share it. We humans are the cause of the warming.

We all produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases everyday through our use of energy – gas, electricity, petrol and diesel. Governments, businesses, organisations and individuals all have an important part to play in helping to reduce these emissions.

By ‘going green’ we can all SAVE MONEY, IMPROVE OUR LIVES & SURROUNDINGS and SAVE THE PLANET at the same time.

To do this we need to make a commitment to work together to reduce our carbon emissions and to:

  • Understand our own 'carbon footprint' and how to reduce it.
  • Run our homes, businesses and buildings economically & efficiently.
  • Recycle, reuse or compost everything we can.
  • Reduce our emissions from travel by walking or cycling when we can and driving efficiently when we can't.
  • Buy local - especially food - and buy from businesses firmly committed to lower emissions.

Join us on our journey to a low carbon future and get involved by joining WFEG now!