River of Flowers Flows on into 2018.....

We hope you’ve all had a great summer. Warmer and wetter than the long-term average – pretty much what the climate scientists have been predicting. We’ve still been pretty busy though – looking after the Main Street planters, the orchard and Brownie garden – and also doing a lot of planning.

In terms of plans for the coming year, we’ll have a big focus on creating a new meadow at Swan Croft at the junction of Swan Road and Burton Road – the space left over from the development on the old Grange school site – which should very soon be handed over to our Parish Council. We’re in the process of killing the weeds that are there and then will be preparing to sow a beautiful new meadow – hopefully towards the end of October – though it will take a while to develop fully.                            

We’re also hoping to improve the verge along Common Lane and put another planter outside the chemist. Also there is a lot of remedial work needed at the Community Orchard, Jubilee Park where some of the trees are struggling because some of the soil is pretty poor – we’ll be mulching and adding a lot of compost.

Last but not least we are planting more bulbs, most immediately this coming weekend at the entrance to the Birds estate – we’ve planted some there but want to do a lot more.

Most of this will be done with volunteer labour – and can’t happen without it so please do come along to the working parties if you can and help make the village even more beautiful and wildlife friendly!