Jubilee Park Community Orchard is now full! Intrepid volunteers beat the winter storms...

So Ciara, Dennis, and Jorge have come and gone leaving a trail of devastation in their wake and driving home the message that the climate emergency is with us now, not some remote possibility.

Undaunted by the dreadful weather WFEG volunteers have carried on with encouraging nature and wildlife with several working parties over the last month. There have been two big tree planting sessions at the community orchard, Jubilee Park.

Another 20 fruit trees, mostly heritage apples have been planted and the space is now fully occupied. Some poorly growing trees have been moved into the park boundary and the new ones bedded in with 9 tonnes of compost (actually made from Stafford Borough’s green waste) to enrich the very sandy, stony soil that underlies the park.

At Swan Meadow progress is being made with the pebble pond and a lot of invasive ‘weeds’ removed from the perennial beds to give the flowers a good start to the new season – but there’s lots more to do (see here for details of our next working party)