Butterfly Brother Jim full of praise for the Jubilee Orchard & Swan Meadow

Last week WFEG hosted a return to Whittington from Jim Ashton of the Butterfly Brothers (who gave the talk in November). He visited both the Jubilee Community Orchard and Swan Meadow and expressed huge enthusiasm for the work going on here to create great conditions for butterflies in particular and wildlife in general.

Jim was particularly taken by the planting and of the margins at Jubilee Park where WFEG have planted many native shrubs and small trees and allowed the grass and brambles to grow. He also much admired the two elm trees in the northwest corner which are growing well with no hint of disease.

He had a few suggestions for some additional small tree species to go in the margins - and also encouraged us to try and track down some 'green hay' to scatter over the meadow area to enrich the flora.

Jim was also enthused by the work at Swan Meadow and made several very helpful suggestions regarding the planting there and the development of the pond as well as suggesting some bat and owl boxes. He commented that he wished that many more communities would follow WFEG's example and transformtheir green spaces into wildlife friendly areas.