Whittington & Fisherwick Win Gold! Heart of England in Bloom Gold Award - Large Village category

As most of you probably know by now, we went for Bloomin' gold and WE DID IT! The Parish got its Heart of England in Bloom Gold Award, announced at the regional Awards Ceremony on 5th September. Not only did the Parish win Gold in the Large Village category, but also Nigel and Mary Lawson won the regional award for Horticultural Excellence for their wonderful garden in Cloister Walk, the second year running that villagers have won one of the special awards. So we have much to celebrate.

The judges made many, many positive comments on the horticultural quality of the village, on its cleanliness, the support for environmental activity and the extent of community involvement in horticultural, environmental work - a great source of pride for all our residents and businesses. Thank you all for your support.

We just need to keep improving and one day we might hit the giddy heights of Best in Category - or even get nominated to take part in the national finals! So we are going to call an open meeting to discuss next year's entry, where we go from here and how we can get even more folks involved. Watch this space!