Saving Lives With Solar - Invest in Community Energy - Opportunity!

Saving Lives With Solar - Invest in Community Energy - Opportunity!

As some of you may be aware, Southern Staffordshire Community Energy (SSCE) is a Community Benefit Society which WFEG helped to found and which owns the solar panels on Whittington Village Hall and St Giles Hospice to which it supplies free solar electricity.

SSCE have been working over the last year with St Giles Hospice and University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust to bring to fruition a project which will see PV panels installed on eight buildings, including the Compassus wing of the Hospice and hospital buildings in Stafford and Stoke.

Installation has already begun (see photo) and the first two systems are up and running. The project will provide the means for the organisations to make savings on energy bills and reduce CO2 emissions.

However, one of the main aims of the project has always been to establish a surplus which will be applied to tackling the health problems associated with cold, damp homes and fuel poverty.

This will be done in partnership with hospital consultants and fuel-poverty charity Beat The Cold, based in Stoke-on-Trent. Read more on the Ethex web site here.

The project is being funded by a community share offer, and we thought supporters might be interested in this opportunity, which is open to investors until 25 September (although it may close early as shares are being taken up fast).

It is offering a projected internal rate of return of 4.5% over the 20 year life of the project. You can acquire shares from as little as £100 via ethical investment partner Ethex.

From there you can also download the share offer document, which you should read in full before making any decision as to whether to invest.