Great support for River of Flowers following local consultation event

Thanks so much to those of you who have come either to recent River of Flowers working parties and/or to the consultation event in the Village Hall. We had some really good input at the Village Hall event - great interest and enthusiasm and helpful suggestions.

Quite a few of you raised the question of maintenance of planted areas and this is something we are looking at very seriously and in dialogue with the Parish Council who maintain most of the areas in question. The PC are hugely supportive of the project and we'll be working very closely with them towards a maintenance regime which works for everyone.

We're sorting out the fine print on the Tesco grant offer and again have had great support from the Parish Council and also from our County Councillor, Alan White, in getting the County on board with a letter of support

There isn't a RoF working party in May, but we expect to hold one on Sunday 12th June - more details in due course.

Please watch the Mercury Whittington village column and the Facebook River of Flowers site for details of future events (and of course this enews).