Recycling and Plastics - David Allerton, Lichfield Council Recycling Officer

Thu 11th Oct 2018
Presented By:
Whittington Cricket Club

Recycling and Plastics – Cricket Club, Thurs 11th October

Thanks to David Attenborough we now know the damage that plastic pollution is doing to our wildlife, our oceans and our planet. Want to know more about what you can put in your blue bin and what happens to it afterwards? Come and hear David Allerton, Lichfield Council Recycling Officer tell all on the evening of 11th October at Whittington Cricket Club – we are also inviting a speaker from Sisters Against Plastics. Watch this space for more details and start time.

In the meantime there is lots of interesting information here on plastic-reduction, types of plastic, which are easiest to recycle, worst supermarket offenders, etc, etc on And here’s somewhere you can buy alternatives to plastic goods eg bamboo tootbrushes, shampoo bars, non-plastic drinking straws etc (Anything But Plastic).